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Ramadan 2013 Toolkit For Success

Monday, July 08, 2013Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Ramadan Mubarak means: Have a blessed Ramadan
Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

Ramadan is a special time of year for Muslim brothers and sisters world wide. Ramadan is the annual month of fasting in thanksgiving to Almighty ALLAH for the gift of divine revelation, as well as other blessings bestowed. 

While it is a month set aside for fasting, prayer and daily reading of The Holy Qur'an, Ramadan is quite a festive period as Muslims break fast(Iftar) with delicious meals while congregating with family, friends and/or the Muslim community. 

The goal is at the end of the 30 days for the believer to be a renewed person. 

I have practiced Ramadan for 17 years now and each year has been a transformative experience and reaffirming of my faith.

At this time, I would like to share a few things to enrich your Ramadan

Fasting Aid and Detoxing

For many the idea of giving up food for a set amount of time can seem torturous. The first few days of starting the fast can be a challenge, however your body becomes used to the discipline and it become a breeze. One thing that helps with fasting is a special tea designed for fasting. This tea can be consumed in the morning prior to fasting for a boost and at night after fasting... it works in harmony with your fast to detox your body. 

You can find this tea at your local health food store.

Daily Quranic Reading

  The Holy Qur'an is the main course when it comes to our spiritual diet during the month of Ramadan. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said regarding the holy book "If you want to talk to Allah read the Qur'an". 

The Holy Qur' an is mathematically broken down where it can be read in equal sections over the thirty day period of Ramadan. These 30 sections are called a "Juz". Next the Juz is broken down into two sections called Hizb, which means group. What I like to do is read part 1(Hizb) of the Juz in the morning and part 2(hizb) of the Juz in the evening. 

For example today's Juz is the Al-Fatihah and Sura 2:1-141... Part 1 reading would consist of Al-Fatihah to 2:74 and Part 2 reading would consist of 2:74 to 2:141. You can read the entire Juz in one setting or breakdown over two readings in Hizb. 

The 30 Juz(divisions) for reading the Qur'an

With most modern cell phones you can pull up the Maulana Muhammad Ali Qur'an or other translations via the internet and read some of the daily Quranic reading while on break, lunch or any other standstill in time.

I also like to read something on the life history of Prophet Muhammad(saw). As followers of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, the knowledge of what was will give us greater insight on today as we attempt to build a Nation of Islam. We should additionally continue our reading of the latest expression of divine revelation in the teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

Tarawih Prayer

As Muslims we already lead a prayer centered life by weaving 5 daily prayers throughout the course of our activities. However, during the month of Ramadan there are additional prayers performed at night, preferably in congregation, that net us greater blessing, spiritual advancement and Prophet Muhammad(saw) said all our previous sins can be erased.

There is difference among the traditional Muslim scholars on what number of Rakahs are to be performed in Tarawih whether 11, 20 or 8. The Masjid where I was taught practiced performing a minimum 8 Rakahs. The number is up to you since we can never get enough prayer.  These prayers are to said after the completion of Isha prayer in sets of 2 Rakahs. 

Remember the month of  Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food, but we should try to abstain from all things that restrict our growth into oneness with God(Read: Blessed Ramadan Breaking Bad Habits And Making New, Good Ones by The Hon. Louis Farrakhan). Also, we increase our doing of good deeds and service to humanity during this month.

May this month of Ramadan be a blessing for all believers and may we become the believers that will be pleasing in the sight of ALLAH Subhana Wa' Ta' Ala.

Thank You For Reading

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