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Why The Hon. Louis Farrakhan Is Successful And We(his followers) Lag So Far Behind

Wednesday, July 03, 2013Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these..." John 14:12

1) When others criticize our people he seeks to understand... he seeks the BEST PART of that brother or sister knowing their true nature is to be a righteous person. And, even when brothers or sisters criticize him he loves them more than the hate they express.

2) He knows "how" to talk to people... "the proper handling of people" and "How to win friends and influence people" teaches the science of human interaction. He doesn't put down, lose faith in or write his people off.

3) He LOVES black people... not just says it, but demonstrates it by serving the people in words, deeds and actions.

4) He puts his complete TRUST in ALLAH(God) and walks on that faith... Worshiping No God but ALLAH, The One The Messenger Represents.

5) He doesn't wait for the people to come to him he goes directly to the people to serve them.

6) He is humble of mind and gives ALL glory to God for whatever victories he, with the help of ALLAH, achieves.

7) He is long suffering... trying to serve/uplift black people is a thankless work, painful and often aggravating job. The very people you try to uplift often disappoint you the most, but he stays the course, because his LOVE for black people is greater than any suffering caused in trying to serve them. When others QUIT or become WORN OUT Farrakhan is on his post.

8- He understands the root of all the different faith traditions lead back to the One God, so he is able to speak a UNIVERSAL language that is agreeable whether in the Mosque, Church, Synagogue, Temple or you are Muslim, Christian, Jew, Agnostic, etc...

9) He is not lazy... after dedicating over 50 years to the ministry of uplifting black people he would be justly right if he decided to sit down in his 80th year after giving so much, yet we find him at 80 years of age doing works that those half his age or younger are not doing.

10) He is not small minded, he doesn't strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, he is not petty, he looks at the bigger picture. He doesn't allow "light weight" things or "light weight" people distract him from doing his work of serving black people.

~Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad~

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