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What Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad Meant To My Life

Wednesday, January 15, 2014Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad


In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad(Jan 12th 1948-Feb 17th 2001) May Allah be pleased

"I wish you would love black people the way Khalid Muhammad did." The Hon. Louis Farrakhan-2013 

January 12th, 2014 marked the birthdate of the late Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who wore many hats during his life's mission, including serving in the Nation of Islam under the leadership of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as well as later heading The New Black Panther Party.

 The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us we can't accurately judge a person's life while they are yet living, because life is about change, transition and growth. Once the period ending of life has come we can then go back and examine their  life and determine their value. 

It is not my place to assign value to my late brother, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, however, during this time of remembrance of him on the occasion of his birth anniversary, I would like to express what he meant to my life as a Black man, Muslim, activist and savior to black people. 

The Yorouba Proverb states, 'If you eat well, you must speak well'  which teaches us the importance of showing gratitude to others who share with us. My brother, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, was one of those who fed me very well in my growth into consciousness, so I will always speak well of him and honor his name in my household.  

There is none perfect except God, so I am sure if I chose to look for the bad in Bro. Khalid I could find it. However, I choose to focus on the BEST of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad in this writing. This is in line with the wisdom of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad wherein he states, Do not take the bad side of a thing that appears to us as bad; there is always a good side, it is better to take that side.”

LOVE OF BLACK- The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as recently as last year[2013] stated to his followers, "I wish you would love black people the way Khalid Muhammad did."  The Minister has spoken of the many instances of where Bro. Khalid was a lover of black people and this is something we[his followers] need to do better. As a young teenager transitioning from my ignorance to a conscious black man, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad inspired me to love black people deeply and commit my life to their rebirth, resurrection and rise. 

Many times during my 18 year journey I have faced severe frustration as I worked for and among black people. It it my deep personal commitment to BLACK that keeps me ever going despite my personal disappointment with us sometimes. 

Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's love for everything black was strong until his death. Even when he left his spiritual home(Nation of Islam) and spiritual father(Min. Louis Farrakhan). He didn't sit down on the cause he found another platform[New Black Panther Party] to express his love for the black man and woman. He was consistent in his love(whether we agree or disagree with how it was expressed) and purpose for being: The Black Man and Woman. 

BOLDNESS/FEARLESSNESS- I first heard Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's voice on Ice Cube's Death Certificate Album. As the first side of the tape[death side]ended I heard the voice of a bold black man speaking a powerful truth for the liberation and salvation of the black nation. I was still a mentally dead person at the time, however his strong stand for black people would penetrate my ignorance as I would listen to his insert over and over again.  

Whether he was on C-Span, Phil Donahue's show or any other public platform he was courageous enough to say what he meant and meant what he said. In a world where so many conform or downplay their real ideas because of what others will say, think or do Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's boldness is something we all can use a dose of.  

ISLAM/KNOWLEDGE- Most people's view of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad was that of a very vocal black man who got white people told as a truth terrorist. And while that was true and I love that aspect of him what I grew to learn and appreciate from Bro. Khalid was his immense knowledge of Islam both from the perspective of what might be termed Orthodox Islam and The Teachings of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad. He could speak to any ideology or group of black people in their own language and show them commonality. 

I spent the first three years of my Islamic journey under what has been termed Sunni Islam, so he was an inspiration to me of how to merge both worlds of thoughts(The Sunnah and the Teachings) to unite all Muslims under the One God ALLAH. He also showed how the wisdom of our ancestors in Kemet(Egypt) could be correlated to the teachings of Islam, and The Qur'an. 

Because of him and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan I am able to speak the universal language of God whether I am in The Mosque, Church, Use the Bible, Qur'an or Ma'at.

These are just a few of the things that I appreciate Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad for impressing upon me as a black man. 

I wish my brother was here to keep it black and strong. I would love to hear his perspective on many current events. I would love to see him reconcile with his spiritual father and teacher, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. 

And, he continues to live on In music as he was recently featured on neo soul artist, D'Angelo's, new song 1000 Deaths from his new albulm, Black Messiah. A whole new generation is now being Introduced to strong uncompromising black talk.

Thank you for reading!


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