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How To Stage A Comeback And Reinvention Of Your Life

Wednesday, September 24, 2014Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Change the road you are traveling on if it is not benefitting you  

What is life? Is life simply breathing, having your body functioning? Are you living simply because you woke up this morning? 

Are you living or existing? One of the definitions of existing is: “To live at a minimal level.”  You could have woke up this morning, have everything functioning(bodily), but you may be merely existing, just getting by. My spiritual teacher, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, says life is “activity in accord with your divine nature and purpose.” So, we want to live a purpose filled life and not just living at a minimal level being dictated by everything and everybody. 

Change your mind... change your life! 

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 

18 years ago I staged a major reinvention of my life. I was at a critically low point and seemed hopeless to do anything different. What follows is the steps I took to stage this reinvention of my life. 

***WARNING***: When you step out to change/reinvent your life some may not understand, some may think you are acting funny, some may try to dissuade you, some may walk away or you may have to walk away from some, some may say hurtful things. But, if you can stay strong through it all the fruits of your change will silence the critics. 


Dissatisfaction/tired of present circumstances

When we hit rock bottom in life we have no where to go but up. You don’t necessarily have to wait till you hit rock bottom to reinvent/change, but there must be a total dissatisfaction with your present standing that creates the mindset that you have no option but to change. When you become tired of your present circumstances whether financial, relationship, health, career, spiritual, etc the seed for change is right there. 

Desire/Hunger for change

Next, now that you are dissatisfied with your present standing in life there must accompany that thought the desire to change. You can spend the rest of your days being dissatisfied with your life and that wont change anything. But when you find a deep hunger to move from point A to point B we have moved from complaint to making moves to correct whatever ails you. 

Building the will for change/purpose

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan teaches that the power to will is the actual power of God in a human being. He further defines will as, “The power of control that the mind has over it’s own actions.” There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. Seeing is believing, so see in your mind the ultimate state of your reinvention and then go to work in making it reality. Why do you want to change? Are you changing for others, for him or her? Or, are you doing this totally for you and you alone? Your purpose for change, if it is right, will create in you a strong will that gives you the ability to change. 

Change is hard/consistency 

Finally, we must recognize that change is not easy. Change is hard. If you have been going a certain course for a while it might take some time to create the lasting change you desire. It is said that it takes “at least” 21 days to break a habit or create a new habit. If the change you are seeking doesn’t come when you think it should or even if you have set backs on the journey DON’T despair! Keep going! Stay consistently working to do something toward your reinvention of self. Even if it is a small step 10% of something beats 100% nothing. 

You have been given the ability to choose, so choose wisely and change your life to one that will make you completely happy.

Thank you for reading these few words!


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  1. santia8:33 PM

    Very good read..keep up the good work..your words are encouraging and inspiring


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