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Friend of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan And The Nation of Islam, MarionBarry, Passes

Sunday, November 23, 2014Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Peace be upon Marion Barry, his family and loved ones as we learn of his passing this morning. ALLAH says in the Qur'an he judges us by the BEST of what we do. This world however likes to harp on the worse of our life and minimize the good that we do. Marion Barry was a human being who did good for the community which he was appointed to serve. He was elected 4 terms to serve the people of his community. 

Specifically, Bro. Marion Barry was a great friend of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and The Nation Of Islam. He was a instrumental part of bringing  the Million Man March to the nation's capital on October 16, 1995. I was never privileged to meet him, but any friend of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is a friend of mine. A Black Man can't get a break in life or death.  As this world tries to tarnish the legacy of this brother in death we will trumpet from the rooftops the many good deeds he did and let Almighty God be the final judge of his life. 


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