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Malcolm X, 50 years Later His Life, Legacy And Murder Continue To Spark Controversy

Tuesday, February 24, 2015Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz(Malcolm X)

 February 21st, 2015 marked the 50th year anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, a murder that still has many unanswered questions and much controversy. 

It has been too convenient to blame his death on the Nation of Islam in a open~close case type of manner. Our ability to read FBI documents and learning of government involvement in all of our black organizations should lead us to question the given narrative that black Muslims disgruntled at Bro. Malcolm leaving the NOI lead to his murder at their hands. While it is true that Muslims were angry at Malcolm X for his leaving the Nation and choosing to sling mud at his former spiritual home it is also equally true that The Hon. Elijah Muhammad told all his followers to leave Malcolm alone and ALLAH will deal with the situation. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was a spiritual man, a Muslim, who submitted his will to ALLAH and trusted in ALLAH(not carnal weapons) for victory against his opponents.

The enemy does not give a damn about bringing justice to the assassination of Malcolm especially when his wicked hands are complicit in the murder of our brother. It is nothing for the enemy to put up five black men to kill another black man for reward and thus it appears the NOI were the culprits. They would be killing two birds with one stone. #1 They would physically be getting rid of Bro. Malcolm, who was still a thorn in their side. #2 They would be able to create a atmosphere of suspicion around the Nation of Islam thus turning the black community away from the Nation by having black men, who were portrayed as Muslims, pull off the murder. 

They achieved both objectives... our brother is physically gone and now the NOI has to face false accusations of "yall killed Malcolm" from sincere but emotionally manipulated, in their love for Bro. Malcolm, brothers and sisters from our community. Particularly, during the month of February the enemy plays the movie on Malcolm X and produces programs to fan the flames of emotions and keep us at each others throat. Recently, the Lee Daniels television show "Empire" tried to place a shadow of guilt over the nation by having one of the main character's father "killed by the nation", which is a blatant allusion to the controversy surrounding Malcolm X. 

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and his student ministers have explained our side of the story to the world to free the NOI of the ugly image the enemy would like to place on us to keep our people away. They say there are two sides to a story before a judgement can be rendered. In a trial you have to listen to the prosecutor, the defense and both sides submit evidence before a jury makes a decision. We have all heard one side of the story, but the nation has rarely been able to tell their side of the story and present their evidence exonerating them of guilt. 

The Nation along with others have asked the government to open any and all files related to the murder of Malcolm X. We want to get to the bottom of this tragedy, so we can stop treating it like the elephant in the room. 

I invite you to review one such source of evidence from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as he delivers a message at Malcolm X College on the subject of "The murder of Malcolm X: It's effect on Black America".    

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