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The Hon. Louis Farrakhan: He Taught Me What I Know And Gave Me The Example Of The Human Being I Hope One Day To Become

Monday, March 16, 2015Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"The man of whom I speak taught me what I know and gave me the example of a human being I hope one day to become. And that man is the man that I represent to you today, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad." The Hon. Louis Farrakhan- Saviours' Day 1999  

I think it is clear to anyone reading this blog, my writings, or various other networks... My nearly 20 year walk with The Hon. Louis Farrakhan that I absolutely love that man. I developed this blog to showcase to the world my love for that man, the benefits of my walk with him and to be a testimony to bring others close to him. 

I am 100% secure in my manhood and it is no slight for me to acknowledge another man as my leader, teacher and guide. In this case, Bro. Farrakhan has been the greatest influence of my life and my transformation. It is against our righteous ancestors to not show regard to those who bring us up a degree as in our parents, teachers, mentors, ministers, preachers, etc. The Yoruba proverb states: "If you eat well you must forever speak well." I am obligated by righteousness to speak of what this man has done for me and my life. 

When we talk about leadership in the black community there is often a idea that we don't need any leaders or there is the erroneous idea that leadership in our community ended with Martin Luther King & Malcolm X. We won't give a Blackman credit for leadership ability, yet we will go to a job Monday morning and call a white man boss, my leader. Everything has leadership from a child to this country. Leadership is shown in police chiefs and sheriffs. Leadership is shown in Governers, mayors, city councilmen, senators and other politicians. Leadership is shown in CEOS and company presidents. Leadership is shown in principles and administrators over schools. John C. Maxwell, the leadership expert, says, "Leadership is not about positions, titles or appointments. It is simply the ability of one life to influence another." 

It is only when we talk about leadership in the black community that we wish to forsake this universal principle. "I am my own man." or "I don't need anyone else to tell me how to live my life." These and various other statements are made by individuals in our community. I wonder is this part of our "self hate" mental complex that disallows us to see guidance in another brother or sister? But, if you look at our individual lives and collective lives as a community it is obvious to a blind man we don't know what we are doing. We are the deaf, dumb & blind of the sscriptures.

It is understandable many are turned off by "black leaders", particularly when so many have sold us out or have been bought & paid for tools of our oppressor. However, God is able to raise up divine leaders, teachers and guides for the guidance of human beings. These divine guides are called Messengers, Prophets, Apostles, Messiahs, Christ... If God could raise up divine guidance for other nations/people why can't we expect a divinely anointed leader to help us get out of this hell we live in? 

This is how I see The Hon. Louis Farrakhan... If he were just some other old "civil rights" leader or "black leader" then you might could get away with ignoring him. However, if he is a man whom the spirit of the Lord is upon and he is anointed by God for this time then to reject him is to continue to stumble in the darkness. 

He came into my life nearly 20 years ago when I was stumbling in my own darkness. He found me deaf, dumb, blind, ignorant and a fool... Yet with his powerful teaching and personal example I was able to climb out of the mud of my pitiful existence to become a upright human being. 

I do not worship The Hon. Louis Farrakhan... I see him like a mirror. When God raises up a prophet/Messenger among the people it is because the people have lost the ability to find God's power within themselves, so he raises up a human being to serve as that mirror to show you what you will look like in submission to God's will. But, we are not to worship that which is only a reflection of your true potential. Therefore, it would be disrespectful to God to worship the gift(the man) and not give all praises to the sender(The God). 

I walk with Farrakhan to see the example of God working in a human being and to be inspired to find my Godly greatness. And for that I thank ALLAH for the man who has taught me what I know and gave me the example of the human being I hope one day to become. 

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works."

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