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Today Is the 19th Anniversary Of Me Turning My Life Over To God And The Second Phase Of My Life

Friday, March 20, 2015Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

The Phoenix rising is symbolic of the resurrection & rebirth

"Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2

I recognize my life in two phases... my life began on the physical plane February 1, 1978 and my life on the spiritual plane began on March 20, 1996. 

19 years ago today, I gave my life over to God and decided I would no longer get drunk. I decided I would no longer smoke weed. I decided I would no longer abuse/misuse women. I decided I would no longer involve myself in criminal activities. I decided I would use my brain for a change. I decided I would try very hard to improve my life. My friends and running partners thought this was a complete joke... I couldn't be serious. 

My journey began 3 years earlier(November 1992) by watching the movie Malcolm X, while under the influence. I then read the autobiography of Bro. Malcolm X and was more positively influenced. The Million Man March in 1995 further watered the seed within me and hitting rock bottom in December 1995 by quitting school to become a full time fool made it clear I needed changes in my life or I would wind up in prison or dead. 

Therefore, due to the influence of Min. Malcolm X and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, I submitted my will to do the will of God on March 20, 1996 between 8:00pm & 8:30pm. "Old me" died and is buried and from those ashes "new me" was born in the person of Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad.

I educated myself by daily going to the library and reading biographies of great people, reading self help books, stories of overcoming defeats, Bible, Qur'an, black history, religious history, world history. 

I later enrolled in adult education classes at Pensacola Junior College to get my GED. I discovered that I was quite smart, but I foolishly neglected my schooling for 18 years.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad concerning the ressurection of the Blackman says, 

"Allah (God) wants to put the Black man back into power and the way the Black man can be put back into power is: Allah has to make the Black man all over again to master the power after giving the Black man the authority.

 Look at the poor once-pitiful Black man in America -- look at how he strives to reach for himself, and is now making a fast progress in that which God leads for Him to Understand --

The Black man’s conversation is changed -- the Black man’s way of thinking is changed -- his actual physical form is changed -- It is a great thing that has come to the Black man in America. The Black man in America is getting happier and happier."(Article: Days of trouble)

I am much better than I was 19 years ago, but I am no saint.. I am just a sinner who has a conscious and gets up from falls. 


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