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Dr. Bobby Jones, Host Of Bobby Jones Gospel, On His Friendship With Min. Farrakhan And Black Muslim-Black Christian Relations

Sunday, June 28, 2015Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Dr. Bobby Jones: "Then we taped this segment. It was an incredible experience. Here I was singing "Amazing Grace" with a Muslim on a Christian television show, while he played his violin. I couldn't help but wonder how I was going to be perceived by the Christian community.

It was a good moment and it established a relationship between us. Since then, I've been with him at several of his media gathering events. I guess it has always puzzled people-especially the Nashville community- as to why I associate with him.

I do so because I like him. I like what he has to say to encourage our people, and what he has done for a lot of the derelicts in the black community. I see him differently than how he is perceived by white people. And he respects me. He feels that my medium for reaching black people is an excellent one.

With all due respect to some of my Jewish friends who believe otherwise, I feel that much of what Minister Farrakhan has said about Jews over the years has been taken out of context. Talking to him, I simply do not get the impression that he is anti-semitic.

I also believe that he has the right to believe what he wants to as far as his faith goes. I'm not going to embrace Islam, because I'm embracing Christianity, but I certainly respect all people of the Islamic persuasion.

I think that instead of being opposed to each other, as African Americans we should develop more unified interpersonal relationships. African American Christians should embrace African American Muslims. It's only by being unified that we can stop anyone from trying to divide us and move forward as a race of people"

From his book:
Make a Joyful Noise: My 25 years In Gospel Music

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works." 

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