2 Chainz 20th anniversary of the million man march

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan Delivers A Special Message To The Hip Hop Community

Wednesday, July 22, 2015Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

My enemies have been stalking me and my work in the various cities that I have spoken in to advise us about the 20th Anniversary of The Million Man March titled “Justice…Or Else!”  And in many of my lectures, as I meet with the rappers, the pastors, the activists, the organizational leaders and the common people, I have been watched by members of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (“ADL”); and in their stalking of me, and watching those who embrace me,*I’ve noticed that if you come and sit with me, and I give you good counsel, good advice, the next thing I know my brother rapper has been arrested.  Such was the case of Young Jeezy after he visited with me, after Sean “Puffy” Combs visited with me, after Rick Ross visited with me, and we embraced each other; and 2 Chainz, and Young Thug: All of a sudden, they’ve done something wrong with the law. Read the rest of this special message to the hip hop community 

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works."

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