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Don’t Make My People Cry

Thursday, October 17, 2019Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad
By Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I have been thinking about Master Fard Muhammad heavily this morning. Master Fard Muhammad, the teacher of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and later identified as the Messianic/Mahdi figure of Christianity & Islam, gave the ideological foundation which produced the Nation Of Islam and all the greatness from it.

He once told his student, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, “Don’t make my people cry. I have come to wipe away their tears.” After 400 years of slavery we certainly needed someone to wipe away our many tears. He laid on Elijah and all those who would walk with Elijah the mission of wiping away the tears of the suffering black man and woman in America. 

For 44 years The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, his mighty ministers and the Nation Of Islam went to work wiping away the collective tears of black America. They built schools, businesses, a newspaper, set up international trade, developed farmland and taught us the truth. However, many black people rejected the chance to have their tears wiped away, yet complained about those tears caused by their tormentors. 

Today, we still have tears in our eyes as we see the consistent police killings and usual lack of prosecution. We have tears in our eyes as we see another death due to black on black violence. We have tears in our eyes as we see our communities go to hell on a rocket ship. We have tears in our eyes as we see the confusion in our young men and women regarding their identities. 

This is why we thank God and his great one, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, for giving to us an anointed one in the person of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. He has been working(42 years absent his teacher) to wipe away our tears caused by our hellish experience in America.

 However, like it was before with Elijah, we have rejected the chance to have our tears wiped away. So, we continue to suffer, cry out and suffer some more in a vicious cycle. We have to recognize that our ways of civil rights, integration, voting, protesting and loving our enemies hasn’t worked and we have to turn to God to solve our problems. God always sends a man, a human being, to address the needs of suffering human beings. 

I submit to you that The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan are the gifts of God to us as a suffering people. The more we reject them the more we will cry. If we accept them our tears will be wiped away. 


(Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is the author of the upcoming book "My Walk With Farrakhan: My Testimony And Writings Inspired By My Life's Journey With My Leader, Teacher And Guide and a public speaker expressing truths as taught to him by his teacher)

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