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The Battle(within) To Get Our Mind Right

Wednesday, April 29, 2020Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

By Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

In this video, I share a few of my thoughts on negative thinking, overcoming them and letting the God within manifest. We are greater than what the world has shown in human growth and development.

 The Hon. Louis Farrakhan says we have built great buildings and other material things, but we have not built great human beings, so we, in our underdeveloped state, destroy the world around us. 

The mission of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is to teach this divine “knowledge of self” to aquant us with our greatness and grow us into gods. Once God returns in the person of you and I, the world will take on change and become the kingdom of God on Earth, even as it is in heaven(mind). 

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is a divine leader, teacher and guide, because he is not leading us to worship him, but rather he is guiding us to unite with God and to be led by God alone until we grow into God. 

So, we have to fight daily against the negativity(devil) in ourselves and grow the positive(God) until it becomes the predominant trait of self. 

I leave you in peace and hopes for our growth into divine. 



***About Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad***

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is a student and follower of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and has been for over  20 years.

He is the founder and CEO of My Walk With Farrakhan Ministries And Publishing.

He is the author of "My Walk With Farrakhan: My Testimony And Writings Inspired By My Life's Journey With My Leader, Teacher And Guide", I And My Father Are One: The Continued Works Of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad In The Person Of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as well as other books that can be found on Amazon.

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