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  Born February 1, 1978 Pensacola, Florida. Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is a Black Man who is a follower of the Islamic faith. He wasn't always called Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad. He was named Ronald Robinson at birth and later through a spiritual and cultural pilgrimage became Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad. At age 17 he became a high school drop out, but later went on to earn his GED and attend some college.
 “My journey towards Islam was a long journey but the fruits have been wonderful. I first heard of Islam back in 1992 when everyone was talking about Malcolm X. It was by watching the Movie titled X produced by Spike Lee and later reading the autobiography of Malcolm X that I would become familiar with this other religion, Islam. Between the years 1992-1995 I did independent studies of Islam via encyclopedias, watching Minister Farrakhan and reading books on Islam. It was after watching the Million Man March and quitting school that I accepted Islam and began the process of living the life of as Muslim.” (Read the full story of my journey to the religion of Islam)
  Mr. Muhammad through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the world’s religions and the people of God. And while he is devoted to Islam as his faith, he is at home in the Church(or other religious institutions) as he is in the Mosque.
  He often writes articles on Islam, spirituality and current events on his Blogand in local newspapers. He has been featured on the radio, newspapers, public speaking events, and at Mosques/Churches telling his story and offering his understanding of Almighty God's plan for salvation.
   Mr. Muhammad works as an unofficial evangelist for Islam, truth and the betterment of the black community.
   Mr. Muhammad is a Author, Writer, Public Speaker, Blogger, Community Activist and Owner~Operator of My Walk With Farrakhan, which is a platform for his bearing of witness to his great teacher, Farrakhan, through public speaking, writing and publishing info.
  Mr. Muhammad is involved in community activity. He believes that our faith must inspire us to greater service to humanity or we may be making a mockery of the purpose of faith. Contact Him Now!

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