My Journey To Islam And My Walk With Farrakhan

My Journey To The Divine Teachings Of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad And My Personal Walk With The Honorable Louis Farrakhan 

I first heard of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Master Fard Muhammad and The Nation of Islam through reading the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” by Alex Hailey. I received Malcolm’s autobiography as a gift for Christmas 1992. This period in my life was the beginning of my re-acquainted with the knowledge of self. I admittedly was a “Malcolmite” during this time. I went to see the movie Malcolm X, produced by Spike Lee, during its release November 1992. I had the Malcolm X clothes-hats, and I was overall looking for all aspects of the knowledge of self.

Immediately upon reading and watching the movie Malcolm X, I fell in love with The Nation of Islam and what it represented. I felt that the Nation of Islam’s program was the best-only solution for the ills affecting the black community. During my whole life I always felt I was born to do something beneficial to humanity. After learning of the Nation of Islam I felt this was the step Allah(God) wanted me to take. This was around December 1992 and I was 14 years of age. During this time I decided to stop eating pork. My family had a big Christmas ham, I said to myself: “I will finish off this “Big” ham and I’ll stop forever.” I finished the “Big” ham around the end of December 1992-early January 1993. And I have not eaten pork since, except maybe for by products that I had no knowledge of. Never the less I have not eaten it direct.

I felt I was ready to give my “whole” life over to ALLAH and The teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 

I made my intentions known to several of my family members and so-called “friends”. What was the response? Most laughed said I was crazy. Others tried to discourage me by reminding me of what I’ll be giving up(Girls and fun times?). And the rest just said I was going through a faze and I’ll be back acting my old self soon. My mother told me flat out I was a “Nut” and why would I want to join an organization that “Killed Malcolm X” and a teacher that “Slept with his secretaries”. She also said that I don’t understand how dangerous it is to be a Muslim in America, considering that many do not like Muslims. 
However, despite all this negativity I still remained firm in my resolve to be a Muslim.
Being brought to my lowest point

Ultimately, after much going back and forth, concerning Islam, I continued to live my life the way many young people do today(Sex, Drugs and Girls). But Allah and Islam had made such an impact on my heart that every time I would do wickedness my heart would call me to account. I knew then that my life would never be the same, for I was too aware.

I remember one incident in particular that showed me that I was a Muslim in my heart. One night I and a few friends decided to get drunk and pick up some girls.
Well during the course of us having a “Good time” something struck me and I got up and started preaching. I began to speak on how we were destroying ourselves with alcohol and drugs. I told the sisters, who accompanied us, that we shouldn’t be disrespecting them and they should respect themselves. Needless to say the guys were upset for me “knocking” them that night. 
The next day these guys called me and said: “You were drunk but you were telling the truth. We shouldn’t be destroying ourselves.” I reminded them of my studies in Islam and the Nation of Islam. 
This was sort of a defining moment in my life and it let the people know this wasn’t no “fad”. A great seed was placed in me which time and circumstances would develop.

During the next year, I would still study the teachings by buying the Final Call from the brothers on the corner or in front of the grocery store. I loved to read The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s and Minister Farrakhan’s articles. It was around this time that I was introduced to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, through his television ministry, which came on every Sunday at 7-10 pm and 1pm(radio). 
Looking back in retrospect, I was very immature in my understanding of the teachings. I would call white people “Devils”, unprovoked, just for the sake of it. I was taking an ingredient in the teachings and exploiting it, while not knowing the full message.

For the record I was not some naive black person who heard these teachings about white people and went berserk. I was raised to be fully aware of Caucasian’s actions. I didn’t need no convincing in this part of the teachings, because I grew up in America, and the reality is self evident. 
I really became more acquainted and in love with Islam when I heard the teachings of Islam(as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) in Rap, particularly Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Kam and others dropping science. I loved to see the youth involvement in Islam. This made it more relatable than ever.

Sometime around 1993, I discovered a Mosque a few blocks from my house. I wanted to go to the Mosque so badly, but I never felt clean(Mentally-Spiritually) enough to visit. I latter discovered this was a Mosque where Sunni/Orthodox Islam was practiced. During this time I didn’t know much about the Sunni/Orthodox perspective of Islam. All I knew was Islam as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad. However, when I would pass by the Mosque I would have this deep feeling of peace and belonging come over me. I believed this was my calling.

The next year and a half(93-95) was a humbling process for me. Allah put me through many purifying, humbling trials. I lost a lot of “friends”. I was basically stripped of everything but Allah himself. Looking back now I see that Allah had to bring me down to my lowest state of being before I could rise to my highest of being. This period would lead to my greatest spiritual re-awakening.

In 1994 The Honorable Louis Farrakhan called for a million black men to come to Washington for the purpose of atonement for neglecting our God, family and community. He said on this day no work-school-play, but we will pray and fast and reflect on the Almighty Creator. At this point my mother had just about gotten “fed up” with my behavior. So, she said on October 16th 1995 I would be required to stay home and watch the Million Man March. On this day[10-16-95] I watched all the great speakers, but when Minister Farrakhan spoke I heard him on a deeper level than just the words he spoke. I took the pledge that day to begin self improvement.

I hit “rock bottom”, in my life, during the end of 1995, when I dropped out of High school. I really dropped out way earlier since I never went to school. I was too busy sleeping during the day, in response to my night life. I didn’t like this new turn of events, so I decided to re-start my life.
I prayed to Almighty God like never before. I visited the library and read like never before. I was determined to make a change in my life. I made a confession to ALLAH one day late in Dec 95, I said: “I dedicate my life to my lord.” From that moment on, I decided that I would do what I should have done earlier, I would become a Muslim.

Towards a greater understanding of truth and duty

After making my personal decision to become a Muslim, I studied like never before. I began to learn how to do ablution(wudu) to start saying my prayers 5 times daily like a good Muslim. The beautiful thing about this time period is that I hadn’t met any Muslims yet, so whatever I learned or practiced came from my own self discipline and guidance of ALLAH. We are taught in Islam that there is no intermediary between a believer and his Lord-ALLAH. I re-read the auto biography of Malcolm again, continued to learn from Minister Farrakhan and tried to get into the Qur’an.

Words cannot express the great joy and inner peace I was growing into daily. I decided to attend classes to gain my GED and pursue educational goals. During the month of February 1996 I would participate and complete my first Ramadan, The annual monthly fasting for Muslims. This first fast was like nothing I had experienced up to that point. I had consciously decided to become a Muslim and strive in this new path, however the practice of fasting allowed me to get in touch with Almighty God, gain inner strength and become a more spiritual person. I learned how to practice Ramadan from my independent studies.

After Ramadan I wanted so badly to join the Mosque and become a member of a community of practicing Muslims, but due to me being a great admirer of Minister Malcolm I decided to join onto a traditional Islamic(Sunni) Masjid while still working to improve self and my community. 
At the time though I admired Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan I wasn’t to sure of the theology espoused by either, so to avoid being a hypocrite & joining something I don’t fully understand and believe in. In addition, I couldn’t find any Nation of Islam member for any clarification. 
I called the local Masjid and set a date for me to come and take Shahadah(The Muslim declaration of faith). So, shortly after 8:00pm on March 20th, 1996 I repeated the words all must say to enter the fold of Islam. I said with sincerity, “I bear witness there is no God but ALLAH, and that Muhammad is his Messenger.” After this declaration I was hugged, kissed and congratulated by my new “brothers” in the faith. My new brother gave me my first Qur’an and promised to start instructing me in Salat prayer.

Over the next months I would visit the Mosque at night to pray and study with my new brother in faith. After Jummah prayer I would stay at the Mosque and read for hour’s Islamic literature, Qur’an, Hadith and pray. I met many Muslims from different parts of the world. I have spoken with and broken bread with Muslims from Morocco, Ghana, Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 
While I was learning many new things and connecting with great people from around the world, my heart still ached within at the bad state of my black brothers and sisters. I wondered where were the Muslim groups that were serious about propagating the faith and uplifting our people in America.

One day while we were driving I asked my Muslim brother a serious question. I asked him, “How can the ‘Beneficent’ & ‘Merciful’ ALLAH not intervene in our affairs as black people considering we are in bad shape and need help?” To this question he had no answer. I continued to wonder to myself. In retrospect, I believe I began, on a less than conscious level, my steps to joining my spiritual father, The Hon Minister Farrakhan, in his work of the resurrection of the Blackman and woman.

Almost everyone who is young and has some association of the hip-hop world remembers what happened on September 13th 1996. This was the day that Tupac Amaru Shakur died from gunshot wounds sustained earlier on September 7th 1996.
This brother was one of the people who I felt spoke to my generation and who's message I could relate to. He was to me, at that stage of my development, my Malcolm X or Martin Luther King. So, his passing had a deep impact upon me. I lamented the fact he was only 25 at the time of his death. I didn’t weep for Tupac as an individual, but I wept for him as a personification of the reality that our young black men are dying before their time. I committed myself to doing my part to helping “save” our young black men from a lifestyle which is producing death.

6 months later-- The Notorious Big Aka Christopher Wallace would be murdered. This had a lesser effect on me emotionally, however it further fed my commitment to do something to “save” my people.

During the summer of 1997 I felt that I had corrected myself enough morally, mentally and spiritually to represent myself with a Muslim name. After prayer and seeking guidance I was given my present name, which I have tried to live up to. 

Home at last finally!

The summer of 1997 would be the second highest points of my life up to that period. I bought and read Message to the Blackman by Elijah Muhammad for the first time. I had read of and been influenced by students of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad namely... Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Louis Farrakhan, but I had never went directly to the [source] of these students to study for myself.

As a student of Sunni Islam, I read through Message to the Blackman very carefully, constantly checking it against what I had come to accept as the true understanding of Islam. 
I quickly found out that Elijah Muhammad greatly acknowledged Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) and said he was the last prophet.The next part of his theology would be harder to understand. I had accepted The Hon. Elijah Muhammad as a Messenger raised by ALLAH to teach Islam in America, but the belief of ALLAH appearing in the person of Master Ford Muhammad would keep me from joining for a while. I re-read Message to the Blackman, The Qur’an, Hadith and asked questions trying to understand this key point of belief. 
I prayed to ALLAH so hard to help me understand. I wanted so badly to believe in and join the Nation of Islam because of what it represented as tool to save our people. I eventually through prayer and studies began, in a hint, to understand Master Fard Muhammad. Now that I had a foundational understanding of Master Fard Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad I wanted to go and join immediately.

For months, I searched for a local NOI branch but couldn’t find one. I asked people in my town for information on the Nation to be told they knew nothing. (I later found out that those who said they didn’t know where the Nation was did actually know everything, but wouldn’t tell me).
One day while driving I saw an FOI on the street selling the Final Call. I bought the paper and asked where do you meet? I told him I would be there Wednesday at 7pm. I went to my first Nation of Islam meeting in late November 1997. I went in and sat down. The brother on the door asked me to come back and be searched. Everyone who attends a NOI meeting must be searched to remove any injurious items so peace is in the Mosque. 
I heard the message from the young Minister and was mesmerized by the teachings, I had studied, being presented in person. I was fired up! I met the Minister and explained to him my Islamic background and that I would love to join. He offered to speak with me after the meeting to answer some of my unresolved questions.

The following Sunday I would attend my second Nation of Islam meeting. Again I was spell bound by the delivery of the message, structure of the believers and the atmosphere the Nation offered. At the end of the meeting when the Minister asked for guests to join, my hand was up and ready to get to work on saving our people in America. I received my instructions from the captain and was informed of the orientation class for new members of The Nation of Islam. I have not looked back since. 
 I decided to live by the principles of faith, belief in God, work in my community and to love my brothers and sisters as I love myself.  
I want to be an agent to spark unity within the religious community of Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. My religion doesn't start in a religious building and it doesn't end there. I am more interested in the spirituality of religion than the label, which some use to create divisions. I am not trying to imply that religious places of worship are invalid and the people who attend shouldn't do so. I am doing what I feel is best for myself, family and community.
 I will forever be eternally grateful to Almighty God for the life of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who got me started on my journey to know God and his Annointed Servant, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad. An African proverb says if you eat well you must forever speak well, which simply means that if we received benefit from others we must always be grateful. I will always remind others of the great man of God in our midst, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. Hence, My life is forever dedicated to My Walk With Farrakhan and trying to inspire others to walk with this great, God chosen, man. 

Thank you for reading my story!
(There are so many things of my journey which space wouldn’t permit me to expound on. If there are any specific questions you may have about my journey in Islam feel free to e-mail me and I will try to the best of my ability to answer your questions.

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